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Create Demand Generation At Scale: All On A Pay-Per-Qualified Meeting Basis


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With nearly half a decade of demand generation and outbound client acquisition experience, we specialize in creating B2B cold outbound systems grounded in timeless psychological principles, designed to deliver results regardless of the economic climate, world events, or time of year. All on a complete pay-per-qualified call basis. 


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How We Doubled Capacity Bookkeepings Client Acquisition in 3 Months

From seeing no results with his previous agency after 3 months, we helped Eric close 6 new clients for his remote bookkeeping service.


In just 3 months we were able to generate over 10 qualified appointments, with a 50% close rate, resulting in 6 new clients with many more to come.

How We Generated $45,000 in Revenue in 90 Days for a Startup SaaS

In just the first month of working with Lantern, we generated over $100,000 in qualified pipeline, and more importantly, went on to close $45,000 of that in our first 90 days.


After seeing rapid success, in order to keep up with the new demand we generated, Lantern went on to double their sales team.

Beginning the process, this phase is dedicated to formulating an initial hypothesis regarding the target market and their needs. Subsequently, it involves conducting market research to gain insights into their primary concerns, business challenges, and objectives.

After thoroughly engaging with prospects, we can then strategically position your services as the go to solution for their most significant issues.

Client Segmentation & ICP Buildout

Messaging Strategy

Now that we have a clear understanding of our target audience, the focus shifts to positioning your solution as the definitive answer to their most difficult problems. 

At this stage, we develop core messaging to validate our initial hypothesis against the market, and from there we begin testing with data, and bringing the offer to your ideal prospects. 


Rapid Validation

Here we look to create tight feedback loops, that way we can gather tons of data to ensure we're on the right track to get your pipeline filled as quickly as possible.

We do this by obtaining leads that fit the ICP in any of the relevant territories that have been established,  and then immediately training commission-based SDR's to go out and start calling those prospects. This way we can get immediate market feedback by having a direct line of communication with potential customers.

System's & Scaling

Once we are satisfied with our initial hypothesis and have tested and validated your messaging in the market, it's time to accelerate and scale our efforts.

We can take the successful messaging from our cold calling efforts, adapt it into email campaigns, and then send personalized messaging to every individual globally that matches your ICP.

Our SDRs will continue to employ an omnichannel approach by cold calling these prospects and connecting with them on LinkedIn, ensuring multiple touchpoints across various channels, reinforcing the fact that the prospect are interacting with a real person.


Once we consistently meet our KPIs, we begin to refine the process to enhance results and reduce acquisition costs by requiring fewer prospects for conversion. We'll conduct a comprehensive sales process audit to pinpoint areas for improvement and identify key characteristics of successful prospects.

With this knowledge, we can expand your targeting, allowing us to prioritize engagement with potential buyers who exhibit these traits and optimize our efforts on high-potential accounts.

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